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Proposal for Adivasi Girls School

Proposal for Adivasi Girls School
Title of the Project:      
Residential Adivasi Girls School 
Hue of universalize education is still a distant reality amidst disadvantaged girls from Adivasis' community in India. Literacy rate amidst Adivasis population is 33% and situation amidst Adivasi women is worse canvassing 22.11%. Poverty, ignorance, illiteracy compounded with other unavoidable reason forces Adivasi girls to take up the jobs like selling of Minor Forest Produce, looking after siblings at home, going to brick kilns and construction sites through labor agents etc. Family's income depends on rain fed agriculture. Erratic and uncertain rainfall also forces Adivasi girls to migrate to metro cities (Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata) to work as maid / servants instead of getting enrolled in schools to get educated. Due to acute poverty, these Adivasi girls are often sold off to traffickers or placement agencies run by city based Adivasi people, where they are being exploited economically, sexually, socially and psychologically. 

Residential Adivasi Girls School will act as platform, where such deprived Adivasi girls will be enrolled and provided quality education. This will also enhance functional literacy skills of the enrolled children. Life skills will enhance personality and confidence building process amidst girls. Vocational skills imparted to enrolled children will enable them to choose livelihood options to make themselves financially sustainable.

Grant Requested:
600,000 INR / Year

Target beneficiaries:
School drop-outs and not school going Adivasi girls between age group of 9 to 14 years.

Objectives of the project:
1.   To provide quality education to the School drop outs and non school going Adivasi girls between age group of 9 to 14 years.
2.     To develop personality and confidence of the enrolled girls.
3.   To provide vocational training and scale up livelihood options for the enrolled children.
4.  To bring integrated development including health, hygiene, education, sanitation amidst target beneficiaries.

Vision of the Project:
Our vision is to be an end-to-end community based solutions providing in linking quality learning and sustainable livelihood amidst 30 Adivasi girls.

Intervention Strategies:
-         Identification and enrollment of 30 girls who are
      => Not school going and drop-out children between 9 to 14 years
        => Children representing disadvantaged Adivasi community
        => Children belonging to Adivasi dominated rural areas

     -      Running this Residential Adivasi Girls School for 3 years
        =>  Functional literacy
        =>  Knowledge on Health, Hygiene and Sanitation
        =>  Vocational Skills

Project Outcomes:
(1) 30 Adivasi girls will get the opportunity to complete primary education.  (2)  30 Adivasi girls will attain knowledge of health, hygiene and sanitation and at least one vocational skill. (3)   School committee will be formed and strengthen in the Adivasi community to facilitate school education in the community.  (4)  50% of the enrolled girls after going back to home will be enrolled in formal schools. (5) Vocational skills will enable girls to kick start Income Generating Activities in future.

Monitoring & Evaluation:
Monitoring will be carried out at three levels:

 1st Level-
    (1)  Teacher will carry out monthly qualitative and quantitative monitoring of each girl child in writing. (2) Half yearly and Annual Exams will be conducted. (3) To evaluate practical knowledge gradation will be done by teacher on daily basis. (4) Physical and Financial report will be submitted to donor agency on a half yearly basis.

2nd Level-
      (1)   NGO's Edu Dept. will monitor performance of the children and  teacher and maintenance of the school on monthly basis. (2)  School committee at local level will evaluate smooth functioning of the school regularly

3rd Level-
   (1) Funding partner will monitor project on a quarterly basis and provide professional inputs wherever needed.  (2)    External evaluation may be carried if the donor feels it necessary

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